Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When I was kid

When I was kid, a little kid. I used to fly like butterfly, around my grandpa .Watching him gardening. One day, I saw a new plant in the flower bed , and saw my grandpa slowly singing and nurturing that plant as he does with me.  I felt jealous why someone else is getting my attention. I started hating that plant. Every day secretly I went to that plant and started saying, I hate you plant. I don’t like you.Since the day you have came to my garden, the things have changed.Other plants are unhappy too. You made this garden unhappy. As a kid I never realized that the plant had a heart too. Slowly that plant started dying. I saw my grandpa worrying.  One day he saw me talking rudely to that plant.  He asked me calmly why you are so angry on this plant. I said this is a bad plant, it makes everyone unhappy. See other plants are unhappy too because of this. You also started changing and giving my attention to this plant only. In fact everyone
in the family does so. This plant doesn’t even give us flower or fruits. He took me into his lap, smiled and said. Beta, this is a baby plant. A new member of our garden family. I give more attention to this because this little plant has left its own garden, family and friends. It needs to be nurtured more than any other plant. Its our responsibility to make this plant feel home, to love it unconditionally without thinking about its flower or fruit. Then one day this will grow and return our love and care in form of, shadow,flower, fruit and oxygen.  He asked me now will you take care of this plant? I nodded my head without understanding the meaning of what all he said. I started watering that plant but didn’t stop my bad words.It died one day and I was confused whether to be happy or sad.Wondering   why it died when I watered it every day. Then slowly when I grew up understood the meaning of each word he said to me when I was a kid.