Saturday, February 4, 2012

“Who Am I”

After 25 years, 10 months and 8 days from my birth, even after having different names and myriad Identity. My heart raised a question. Who Am I? Am I a girl with unique fingerprints, DNA structure and unique eyes? Or am I just a metaphor of society. On the journey called, life. I have experienced almost all eleven types of primary emotions. But at this hour of my existence the question resonated within me from head to toe.

It is a small question actually of 8 characters including the spaces between the words. But the distance between me and the answer to this question swims in a silent void.

Am I an exception or every creature especially girl has to undergo this situation? Does everyone live or only I had lived my life in installments? Initially I was an infant , then a baby girl , a daughter , a granddaughter , a sister ,or a scientifically proven genetically developed homo sapien ?

Perhaps every 2nd human in this world asks this question to themselves when they are going through their blues. But I am sure no one gets the answer.

What is my identity is it my name printed on my high school certificate, or the permanent account number allotted by the government or it is related to the professional growth of my career? If these are the parameters for defining one’s identity, I have them all. Then why does this question arise in the confined space of rationality?

I compared myself with other the similar species around. I too can hear , see , touch , smell , taste laugh, and cry. I find no difference between them and I, Then, again, why does this question arise, “Who Am I”

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